Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a career coach? 

A career coach is someone that you help and support you in achieving you professional / career aspirations; this can be getting that promotion you deserve, manage a difficult situation in the work place, move roles or even open your own business. By using coaching techniques, such as intuition, questioning and scenario analysis, a career coacher can help you to feel empowered to make things happen for yourself. A career coach will not provide you with any advice; in addition, a professional coach will not provide any feedback, unless it feels it can really add value – if this is the case, the coacher will ask for your permission before that happens. The role of the coacher will be to listen to you and ask questions in order to guide you to the solution that makes sense to you – remember that all answers have always been inside you.   

2. How does career coaching differ from mentoring? 

A mentor is someone that will advise you on what you should be doing next or how to handle a certain situation. A coacher does not provide advice; instead, he listens to you and asks you open-ended / insightful questions so that you find the best answer to your problems. You will have all the answers, you might just need some help in getting them from inside you.  

3. Is coaching similar to therapy or counselling? 

No. Coaching focuses on who you are as an individual and on the present / future; it does not analyse the past. In addition, a professional coacher will not offer any advice. 

 4. What happens during a career coaching session? 

After the purpose of the session is agreed, the coacher will ask you questions to explore the area you’ve selected to be covered. By the end of the session, an action plan is agreed, to ensure that you can take action towards your goals.   

5.     Is there a standard framework applied to coaching?
Yes and no – there is no universal approach agreed for coaching, but I have developed my own framework that I always follow. I have used my experience from building risk frameworks from scratch to do this.

6. Can I have a coaching session online or by phone? 

Yes. Coaching sessions can be held via phone, web-chat, email or face-to-face. The format of the sessions will be agreed and discussed with each client, as every option brings some advantages and disadvantages.  

7. I prefer face-to-face sessions; can these be arranged? 

Yes, depending on where you live. All details can be discussed directly with the client.  

8. What are the key coaching competences? 

The ‘International Coaching Federation’ (ICF) has defined 11 coaching skills that are deemed as required to be a professional coacher:  

  • Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards
  • Establishing the coaching agreement 
  • Establishing trust and intimacy with the client 
  • Coaching presence (being present) 
  • Actively listening 
  • Powerful Questioning 
  • Direct Communication 
  • Creating awareness 
  • Designing actions 
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Managing progress and accountability  

9. What are the key coaching techniques? 

A professional coach will ensure that he / she is present in the moment, actively listening and asking powerful questions, using his / her intuition. In addition, I will be following a framework that is shared with you on our initial chat.

10. What can a career coach help me with? 

A career coach can help you with any situation of your professional life. As pure examples, this can be:  

  • You’re not quite sure what you should be doing with your career
  • You have a difficult situation you need to handle in the office 
  • You want to drive change in your organisation 
  • You want to increase your confidence when talking to senior stakeholders 
  • You want to get that promotion!

11. How many career coaching sessions will I need? 

It really depends on each client.  

12. How will I know if I’m doing it right / progressing? 

We will always agree an action plan so that we can track your progress. In any case, even if at the initial sessions you feel you are not achieving much, you will definitely know when the answer you were looking for, suddenly unveils!  

13. Do professional coaches have qualifications? 

Yes, they do. I am certified by the World Coach Institute (WCI) -  

14. Do professional coaches have a code of ethics? 

Yes, they do. I obey to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics, being certified by the WCI -  

15. Should I prepare for the initial free meeting / chat? 

Yes. You should enquiry yourself what is the area I can really help you with and be clear on what you would like to achieve with coaching.  

16. If I book the initial free chat, do I have to buy any other sessions? 

No. The initial free chat does work at an extra tool to really be sure that coaching is for you; there will be no pressure from my side for you to buy any extra sessions.